Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why Take the Inside Turn?

Welcome! I'm glad you've decided to stop by. If you're reading this, I assume you are a part of the hunter/jumper world. Ah, how there is nothing that quite compares to this large, yet oh-so-small community. 

I mean, we have our own celebrities- McLain Ward, Beezie Madden, Reed Kessler to name a few

We definitely have our own language - "straight approach to the single oxer, roll back to bending line, gallop the inside turn to the triple combination, try not to add to the liverpool" makes complete sense... And no average person, the horse is not ACTUALLY the color green. 

We have little developed a numb perception of money- a child's pony easily costs more than one year at an Ivy League college. 

Our horses are our lives, and we simply don't know what the "commoners" do every day. How are you people not bored!?

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say... What is sleep?

While this world may have its downfalls, you wouldn't ever replace being a part of it. You will meet your best friends, your bridesmaids, maybe even your significant other, a few odd-ones here and there.. The list just goes on. You've learned that your horses will always eat before you, there is no barn closing time when your horse is colicing, 8am class is hell-on-earth while a 4am horse show day is just a day in the life.

So why name this blog, The Inside Turn? Because that is just what you need to do. 
Take the inside turn.
Be brave, show off your guts, take the road less traveled! While this blog is not dedicated just for jumpers, rather covering all of the hunter/jumper world- just take the inside turn. 

So you've made it to my blog. I love blogging, so I figured why not blog for the equine community? I read The Legal Equestrian like a morning newspaper, so why not start one up myself? This blog will have things I love, things I hate, covering the trends in all aspects of the equestrian world, updating with big news, tips/tricks/hacks, and everything else in between. I promise to always be upfront and honest with y'all.

I talk, a lot. And I always want to engage in conversation-  so be sure to always leave a comment! 
To start up the convo, what zone are you in and what kind of riding do you compete in?

.the inside turn.

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