Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shop Small Business - Treat Edition

I'm such an advocate for small businesses! I love my local tack shops, and I definitely aspire to come up with a genius creation to make my own small product business. So today, I have for you my favorite small businesses that bake and sell: horse treats!

Dont these look amazing! Order These Here!
We're all suckers for giving our horses treats. While I have a boxes upon boxes of Bobs Soft Peppermints, these are a staple in my barn jacket pockets. Sometimes I splurge and buy specific horse treats. These are some small businesses who are giving a go at making their own treats. 

Check them out, let them know I sent you.

Cowgirl's Kitchen 

Cowgirl's Kitchen is definitely a hit with the horses. Great packaging, great treats. I definitely suggest Cassino's Kisses - the sugar hearts are an adorable pop of color and they leave my horses begging for more. Even better, Cowgirl's Kitchen will send you Cassino Kisses with custom colors. They are packaged well for maximum freshness. (Doesn't hurt that the company is baked locally to me! NICE and fresh!)

Pony Pizza Company

Genius. People love pizza, so why not make pizza-shaped horse treats?! Introducing the Pony Pizza Company. The packaging is on point, the treats are adorable. My pick is the Pony Pizza Jar. I have to add that I just love their logo.

Charleighs Cookies

You've got to try Charleigh's Cookies.  High quality treats, owned by a mother with a great story. At one point, we've all turned to our horses to help us get through a hard time; and that is where Charleigh's Cookies stand. I suggest you indulge in the XOXO Hugs & Kisses Jar. Keep them at home or bring them to a horse show.

Do you shop local? Ever try these treats? Let me know!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. My horses just enjoy to stuff their faces. But if anyone would like to provide a lifetime supply of Bobs Soft Mints, the ponies would not mind.


  1. um is it ridiculous that *i'm* hungry after looking at these?? lol yum!

  2. Have you seen Snaks 5th Avenchew? I really want to try their products....

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