Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Buying & Selling.

When you enter the world of horses, you enter the world of never having your own money too. There's always that one bridle you've been fiending for (hello CWD Figure 8 with the $460 price tag) or those boots that you promise will only be to show in (Parlantis anyone?!). It's become the norm to sell the stuff you no longer use, and gladly buy the well used items that you find the "deal" on. 

So, here's some tips for buying and selling your used equestrian items!

People will buy anything. I recently posted old boots that were way too big for me. Oh yeah, they also had a broken zipper. Be honest. I wrote the post specifically stating that they needed repairs to be functional. I didn't want to spend the money to fix a pair of boots I'll never use, so price accordingly and list them. For $20+ shipping for a pair of Ariats, I got a ton of bites! I moved the boots quickly, and had an extra few bucks in my pocket. My trash, another one's treasure.

Don't ignore the ISO (in search of) advertisements! People who post specific ISO ads are generally ready to buy. Avoid those who "need all kinds of tack!"; posted by the 12 year old. Respond to the ISO ads that are asking for a specific piece of tack; i.e. Large Rambo Exercise Sheet, Horse Size High Quality Figure 8 Noseband, those buyers are normally looking before buying new and are ready to pay. 

Respond in a timely manner. Make sure you answer those who are inquiring quickly to keep their interest. They could find the item elsewhere (and possibly cheaper) if you keep them waiting. 

Price your items a few dollars higher than you actually want. Just like when you list price a horse, always leave room for negotiation. Buyers feel like they get a deal if they have a bit of wiggle room, so ALLOW for that wiggle room. I became a sucker and would sell items that I really didn't want to go that low for, but I had no choice. If they want to negotiate down too much- offer the listed price with free shipping (more on shipping next!). Buyers want a bargain!

Don't use the flat rate envelopes for anything that is not a significantly heavier item. I shipped out an 80" cooler to someone. Attempted to ship in one of the $13 flat rate boxes. No matter how much I tried, it just would not fit and I'd have to size up to larger ($20 box). I found an old SmartPak box, shoved it in there and went to the automated weigh station. EIGHT DOLLARS ($8) LATER, it was shipped out! USPS, I see right through you!

USE PAYPAL. End of story. Buyer and seller protection, there is nothing better. 

Last buy not least, avoid the mass sellers for the best deals. Some have found a goldmine of buying high quality tack and selling it. Unfortunately, these mass sellers discount products minimally. If you want the deal; you've got to find the little people and you'll be sure to find a deal. I saw a CWD figure 8 that the original seller wanted $90 for. Sadly, mass seller messaged first and got the deal. Within a week, said mass seller listed the noseband for $160. Easy $70 profit for her

I find Facebook to be the easiest to sell items. Here are my favorites!

English Tack Trader : With nearly 45,000 members- you'll be sure to find some good deals.
High End English Tack : Specifically for the higher end brands such as CWD, Antares, Edgewood, Back on Track, Fleeceworks, etc. (You wont kind Kincade here).
English Riding Apparel  : Just for Apparel!

Also check out Horse Grooming Supplies Classifieds for forum selling.

Do you sell your stuff online? What's your secret to buying and selling? Which site is you favorite?

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  1. That's a pretty good summary. :-) I've had lots of success with facebook buying and selling.

  2. I've had a lot of success selling stuff through Facebook -- especially smaller items.