Thursday, May 14, 2015

Riding For Brian Moore; How Can You Be More?

It is with heavy heart that I am even sitting down to write this. Okay, I took a short break from blogging, but I'm back and back to stay. 

On May 2nd, 2015, I heard news of a cop shot in the face in Queens, New York. I did my normal rounds of texting all of my cop friends to check in and make sure that they are okay. Never did it cross my mind that I would not receive a text back from a friend of mine, never. 

On May 4th, 2015, NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore succumbed to the injuries sustained by a heinous act of violence.

The sudden loss of a friend produces an emptiness that can not be accompanied by words. The feeling is so strong and powerful, you feel it so deep within yourself. I spent last week trying to make sense of it all, while picking out an outfit, at 24 years old, to wear to my friends funeral. While I do not want to make this a vent blog, I will end there but invite you all to do a google search to read the stories for yourself.

This year and beyond, I ride for Brian Moore.

Brian Moore, or as we called him BMoore, was NYPD shield number 469 (prior to his posthumous promotion to Detective First Grade by Commissioner Bratton at his awing funeral). My helmet currently has my initials, but will soon be replaced by a decal his badge number. I will be riding with a white saddle pad with black trim and royal blue piping, adorned in the corner will be his badge number embroidered with the thin blue line. Beneath the number is a play on his name, in cursive writing is "Be More". 

I ride for 469.

Every dollar that may be won, every profit I make from riding, every blue, red, pink, green ribbon won, it is all for BMoore. I am pledging my earning to Brian's family and memorial fund. I want my statement in the ring to spark awareness, I will be sure to keep BMoore's legend alive. 
He is my hero, and I can do everything to make him proud. 

So I ask you, how can you "Be More"? In the ring, at home schooling, or in everyday life; how can you be more? 

Me? I can be more forgiving of myself for a chipped jump, I can be more focused on my turns, I can be more excited with my rounds than being my own critic.

So here's my movement, a movement to be more. Bmoore was the most genuine man, the funniest friend, all around good time kid without a bad attribute to him. The friend that you could count on to comfort you and make you laugh, the one who always kept his promise, the one who always asked about the horses, worried about me, sent good morning texts, addressed me as "princess". We could all be more like Brian. So, I'm inviting everyone to join me, leave a comment of how you can be more

I will love you always BMoore, fly high my angel.

*I invite you all to do a quick google search of "Brian Moore NYPD" to find the full story. His story should be heard, his story should be known. Support your law enforcement officers, and don't forget to always give your loved ones an extra hug.