Monday, June 13, 2016

Review // Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Wraps & Hoof Pads

I took a hiatus for a while, had many things arise. Paired with a busy summer, a new work schedule, it was not the best time to write. As fall came through, and the temperature was finally dropping, I would have started to blog; but I thought I was going to lose my horse.

One day, I will blog on the entire story, but long story short; I get a call that my mare will not move in her stall. I get to the barn and she is actively laminitic. My life was spent at the barn, icing & poulticing. Keeping her legs cool. Why, OH WHY, did not know about these then!

Last month I had the pleasure of testing out Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Wraps by Absorbine. The package of eight (8) leg wraps retail for $27.99, although with some bargain shopping- I've seen them as low as $19.87 at State Line Tack. The package of four (4) hoof pads retails for $6.99, but Smartpak carries them for $5.95.

Traditional poultice is sticky and just a plain mess. These wraps take the mess completely out of the equation. And lets talk about EASY! Fill a small bucket of water (hot or cold), soak the wraps for 20 seconds, wrap around your horses leg, secure with a standing wrap. Done. No clay everywhere, no ruining barn aisles (ask me how I know this!). No messy hands, and ruined breeches and nice, clean standing bandages. In the morning? Just unwrap your horse, and take off the quilted wrap, with no residue left behind.

These wraps contain Kaolin clay and epsom salt in each of the pockets, which are evenly distributed throughout the wrap. They are perfect for post-workouts, after a show, stocked up legs, or any reason you would use "traditional" poultice.

With my horse battling laminitis, I used traditional poultice to keep every part of her body below the knee cold. I've spent cold nights, filled with ice cold hands of poultice. I've ruined breeches by wiping poultice on them. I've washed my wraps way too much. The poultice got nasty with dirt and shavings on the inside, and gave me worries that I didn't close container the entire way.

Now, my horse is great and back to almost regular work. I use these leg wraps whenever we have a tougher school, and I use the hoof pads quite often when I feel that she just had a strenuous week. I'm happy that I only have to use these for maintenance, but I would have absolutely turned to these in times of treatment. 

These are perfect to keep in the trailer, in your tack room at shows, or just in your tack trunk for times of need. No worry about the poultice drying up, you need very little water to activate, and you can go about your business without being covered in clay!

The only downside could be the cost, as they are a bit more costly than a tub of poultice per use. But regardless, I would recommend having these stashed in your box for a time of need- they will come in handy when your poultice tub is cracked or you just got a manicure for a wedding.

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FTC: I am an Absorbine Product Ambassador. I was sent these products to test out, not in relation to The Inside Turn Blog. I was not paid to do a review on this product. I genuinely can't get enough of these. As an ambassador, I do not have to write on my blog, but I decided to due to how much I adore them. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Review // Dover Empire Classic Knee Patch Breech

Its no secret that I love (and I mean LOVE) the two-toned look. Finally, something that breaks up your leg a bit, and adds a bit of flare to our similar riding looks. 

I wont get into the "who did it first" because frankly, I'm uninterested. At the end of the day, the two companies fighting over it charge astronomical amounts for a pair of pants to wear in the dirt. Disclaimer: doesn't mean I dont own many, many pairs of breeches from these companies.

So, cue in Dover Saddlery. In the Spring of 2016, Dover came out with their own version of the two-toned riding pants; Riding Sport Empire Classic Knee Patch Breech.

Adorably colored with a french blue/tan, black/tan, wine/tan, you have a few great options!

So lets get to the review, shall we?
These are adorable to look at, and the price tag is even more attractive at $89.99 retail. Compared to the Tailored Sportsman Vintage Patch Breech at $189.99, you literally save $100. $100 to buy more at Dover, believe me you can do it.

Oh Riding Sport, how I wish you'd let me be a part of your design team. *Hint, hint*

Starting with the colors, the french blue is rather dark to be "french blue." In my humble opinion, its a little misleading but hey, no biggie. I wish the wine color was a little bit richer, less maroon. I have no qualms with the black/tan; simplistic and stunning. The knee patches color block beautifully with the tanned Calarino patch. But I'm going to stop at the pros right about here.

For starters, considering sizing up one to two full sizes. Wear a size 28 in TS? Opt for definitely the 30, possibly even the 32 to prevent "spillage". The tight, wide elastic waistband is not ideal for anyone with a little bit of skin on their stomach. The band is so thick and very tough to stretch. I like breeches to move with me, after all they are athletic wear first. These absolutely create a muffin top. Ugh.

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Pockets. While I enjoy my clip on iPhone belt holster, I often forget it somewhere and just throw my phone in my pocket. Well, not in these breeches. These pockets have a zip closure, perfect when I have money (and have lost plenty of it) in my pocket in the ring. Well, don't expect to put more than a square-folded dollar bill in this pocket. This could probably hold around 3 quarters. If I could, I wouldn't qualify these as pockets,  thats how small they are.

All in all, I think that these breeches were a swing and a miss. I think that Dover's Riding Sport had the right idea, to jump on the super trendy Two Toned Breech wagon, but their design was faulty. The fabric is okay, but the waistband is terrible, and not to mention the sizing up (for the entire Empire Breech line). I wish they created these more along the lines of their Competition II Breeches! For $90, you get a steal. I believe that it is important that these companies keep in mind that while being stylish, these breeches need to be made for athleticism and durability first, features which I believe are lacking in this style breech. But I don't think I'll be grabbing for these first in my closet. 

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Hiatus OVER!

I am terribly sorry for the hiatus and lack of posting!

It has been a wild ride of a year, but this blog is running again. 

Keep a look out for an updated layout, new posts, new reviews, rants, photos, etc. Hiatus over, and this blog will be updated on a regular basis now. Please leave a comment below on topics, products, or issues you'd like The Inside Turn to discuss in a future blog post. 
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