Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tax Return Wish List: 2015 Edition!

Starting off this blog with a bang, and big (spending) dreams! 

We're upon the tax return season, which for us "grown-ups" is like a shopping spree reward, why not build my own wishlist. These may be the hottest trends in the hunter/jumper universe, but I'd like to add them all to my tack room. Last year's tax return season, I splurged on my Ogilvy pad with double piping; was money well spent! For this year, I've got a few things in mind.

Tailored Sportsman Two-Tone Trophy Hunters
Have you seen these navy and tan breeches? Way-to-go TS for bringing some color blocking to the equestrian world. I'm a fan of dark breeches, but the pop of light color on the knee patch bring a little flair to my wardrobe. Retails at Willow Equestrian for $189.99

CWD Classic Girth
Just beautiful. I find the quality of CWD to be top-notch (to match the top notch price tag too.. ouch). My CWD saddle is now a staple in my tack room, hope to add this to my collection of girths sometime within the 2015 Show Season.

Le Fash
I own 5 Le Fash shirts, but there is always room for more. These were my everyday attire at HITS. I even paired them with shorts and headed out for dinner one night. No shame there. Right now I'm obsessed with the Navy Tuxedo Open Placket Shirt. Retails at $195.00

Bit Box
Oh, how my life would be so much simpler with a bit box. I believe the time has come to replace my unorganized Smartpak drawer of tangled bits.  I'm hoping by the spring I will have this to travel to shows with. Sporting my farm logo, I'd be happier than a pig in.... Well, you know.

My Barn Child Crown Charm
MBC is the latest craze in the junior world, but why do they get all the fun? A barn symbol, I'd like to add a crown to my breeches in the show ring. From MBC's website at $17.00 with free shipping!

Leather GPA First Lady
My GPA and I are tight. It's actually the only helmet that I feel actually protects my head and doesn't just sit on it. The leather first lady, coming it at nearly $900 is so beautiful. Hey, you can't put a price on protecting your brain... Right?

Wishful thinking, right? I'm definitely a bargain shopper and hit up Facebook groups like English Tack Trader of High End English Tack to buy items that I do not necessarily need new. 

.the inside turn.

*Disclaimer: No company mentioned above has asked me to write this post. Links are all non-affiliated and just provide an easy route to buy the product mentioned (and I should mention if you click to buy- I am jealous). I am a CWD Sellier sponsored rider. Again, I was not prompted or paid to write this post by any company above, including CWD Sellier, I am just in love with that girth.