Friday, March 6, 2015

Review // Personally Preppy

As if all of a sudden these small companies are popping up out of no where. Oh, how I wish that I had one of these brilliant ideas. There is no argument that monograming everything is certainly a trend around the circuit. 
Me? I decal everything and I am not ashamed of it! Heck, my water buckets for traveling to shows are decal-ed out with the farm logo!

So where did it all begin? How do you go about this? Personally Preppy is arguably the first, or at least the most-well known, company to do the "decal everything" movement. Personally Preppy is run by two sisters, Kir and Tate, in Zone 2. 


Product Review
Before the craze really took off, I made a helmet monogram purchase. Hey, I went to school in the south and was introduced to the monogram-everything sorority movement (nope, no sorority for me). After looking at a few others, I decided that I wanted something subtle for myself. I ordered a vine monogram in shiny black vinyl for my black/black GPA speed air. 

Let me tell you, this decal looks fabulous. It's subtle enough that you don't see a floating color as I ride, but you can definitely still see it. I've had it placed on my helmet for almost a year now and there are zero signs of any peeling or need for replacement. The staying power of this decal is fantastic. Application was super simple (and they provided the small alcohol wipe), a monkey could do it.

They are innovative. They will put a monogram on anything and try it out. My personal favorites are boot monograms and the spur strap decals. Have you ever lost your spurs before? If so, you feel my pain and would kill for those three letters stuck on the straps. 

Now these girls are fantastic, and I believe do everything for the company themselves. But I'm here to give you an honest review. 

Delivery was long. It took nearly two weeks for my order to come way back when. It was post marked 9 days after ordering. Maybe they upped their order fulfillment and delivery since, but I can account for the few purchases I've made from this company, each of which the delivery was a bit lengthy. Patience is a virtue (which I have none of). 

Price point. Sigh. This is where Personally Preppy pushes me to another seller. Their prices are extremely high for their products!  Case and point, I was able to get my farm's logo made into a custom 5" decal for $3 + $1 to ship. Same decal through PP would set you back $11.50 ($16.33 with tax and shipping). Ouch. 

I am all about supporting local and what these girls created was fantastic. I hope that their prices will come back to a competitive market soon and I will be an much bigger advocate for their products again. Right now? I will buy the exclusive products on their site but go elsewhere for the generic decals. 

.the inside turn.

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  1. one of these days i am going to order alllll the monograms and cover literally everything with decals haha. one of these days :)